Coach Kara Hogan
Head Trainer
Kara Hogan has been an active coach and trainer in the lacrosse community for over five years. Kara has multiple years of experience as both an On-Field Club Director and Middle School Head Coach. Kara coached many clinics and Nike summer camps during her time as a player at the University of Mary Washington. Additionally, she gave private lessons to younger athletes. By doing so, Kara gained experience working with various players of various ages and skill levels. As a former college player, Kara was extremely passionate and hardworking, quickly becoming a standout player and serving as Team Captain during her final season. 

 Attack / Midfield 
• stick skills • shooting • dodging • ground balls •
• cutting  faking • feeding • self-draw technique •
• endurance • speed • agility • defensive footwork •
• 1v1's • checking • stick protection • goalie technique •
• off-ball movement • handling pressure • field vision •
• injury prevention • mental toughness • confidence •
Photo Credit Peter Hoblitzell
Photo Credit Sue Spencer

how we help you define your edge

With Edge Lacrosse Training, we provide athletes with the proper tools and a positive coaching environment in order to help them develop and reach their potential. We are passionate about helping our athletes define their "edge," or what motivates them and makes them different from any other player. On a technical level, we are here to teach the proper form for every skill. It is important for players to nail the fundamentals, and grow from there. Players will then be challenged to reach new heights and build into elite, sharp and dynamic athletes. Throughout training, players will complete numerous repetitions of game-like drills. Our goal is for all of our athletes to build proper muscle memory, then implement their success during training into their competitive practices and games.

Every player is different, and therefore may need to be coached differently. Kara may not only serve as a teacher, but as a mentor for the players. As a natural and passionate leader, Kara's goal is to help motivate players to build their leadership skills. With Edge Lacrosse Training, we truly believe every player should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and be successful.
Throughout the process of earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Mary Washington, Kara expressed an additional focus in Sport Psychology research. Kara most specifically studied the influence of positive self-talk on athletic performance. Research repeatedly suggests the significance of a positive mindset in order to succeed at any level. We are passionate about providing players with the proper environment to build a positive mindset of their own. By doing so, the athlete gains self-confidence,
control, motivation and mental toughness. If a player is
struggling with any of these factors on or off the field,
private sessions are strongly recommended.