1. Private Training
    Private Training
    This one-on-one training environment allows the athlete to get individual attention and feedback, and is strongly recommended for players that want to take their game to the next level. Apart from the physical challenges of lacrosse, there is a strong mental component, and the private training environment helps players master it. This personalized instruction is designed to improve the player's lacrosse skill, speed, form, and confidence. $65* / 60 minute session Bundle - 5 sessions for $300 *For indoor turf training @ Parisi Hunt Valley - additional $30
  2. Group Training
    Group Training
    This style of training serves as a great opportunity for players to work on both their individual skills and their field sense. Some aspects of lacrosse (off-ball movement, 1v1s, double-teaming, draw control, etc.) are easier to understand and conquer when there are multiple players working together. 2 players - $40 per player* / 60 minute session 3 players - $30 per player* / 60 minute session 4+ players - $25 per player* / 60 minute session * For indoor turf training @ Parisi Hunt Valley - additional $50+ per group
  3. Performance Coaching
    Performance Coaching
    It is crucial for athletes to have confidence and a positive mindset in order to play their best and reach their potential. Head Trainer Kara Hogan will travel to your site and offer your team a series of hands-on exercises to help them build positive thoughts, control their emotions and stay consistent on and off the field. These exercises are designed to help athletes recognize and implement important mental skills such as self-talk and visualization. This service is available for all athletes of all ages. *Contact for Rates & Availability
  4. Team Training
    Team Training
    Team training is an excellent way for your team to build the skills and chemistry needed to and reach success. This training experience is valuable to both the coaching staff and the players. Coaches experience new drills and strategies, while the players learn and have fun during an engaging, challenging practice. Head Trainer Kara Hogan will travel to your location with a prepared practice plan specific to the age and skill level. $150 / 60 minute session $180 / 90 minute session (recommended) $200 / 120 minute session